Friday, November 14, 2014

Manitoba's NDP Party Executive & the Coming Leadership Race

As Manitoba NDP party executives put their weary, conflicted, befuddled heads to a pillow tonight trying to dream the impossible redemption dream - they need be mindful the present provincial leadership crisis is not just an "NDP party matter". It is, writ large - a Manitoba matter. The decision the NDP executive will arrive at Saturday to govern "their" party leadership race will, without a doubt, irrevocably impact "our" entire province. If the NDP executive advances a leadership race scenario tomorrow that does not speak first to fairness, second to expediency, and third (a distant third) to petty internal party machinations - they will not only alienate large segments of the party faithful, they'll sabotage their party's political fortunes for years to come. If the NDP executive cannot resolve the leadership issue in a fair and equitable manner before next March they will have failed. If they cannot guarantee a level playing field for those challenging Greg Selinger's leadership; all of Manitoba will take note. And if the NDP executive allows Premier Selinger to maintain his Premiership as he seeks to marginalize, undermine, punish, and silence all his NDP detractors - they will have sent us all a strong and clear message. That message? Status-quo first: Manitoba second.

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